• La Lujuria (Lust)

    A mocha crepe with ice cream and a delicious chocolate mint sauce.

  • La Pereza (Sloth)

    Coconut pie a la mode.

  • La Ira (Wrath)

    Coffee with citric chantilly and coffee tuile.

  • La Gula (Glutony)

    Brownie with vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce and citrus.

  • La Avaricia (Greed)

    Vanilla profiteroles with a hot chocolate sauce.

  • La Envidia (Envy)

    Chocolate mousse, mango mousse and lulo sorbet.

  • La Sobervia (Pride)

    Lemon pie with lulo coulis.

  • The Novice Sighing

    Crispy honey tuile with vanilla ice cream and mamey confiture.

  • His majesty … coco

    For lovers of coconut, flan with full flavor and texture.

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The family

Pierre Gabant