Main courses

• Fish •

  • The Creed

    Fresh sea bass fillet with herbs oil, potatoes, green salad.

  • The Pilgrim

    Fillet of sea bass, smoked oil, roasted peppers, olives, fresh basil, rice with squid ink.

  • San Martín Pescador

    Fresh fish fillet with a calamari and shrimps sauce, vegetables sautéed in annatto, coconut milk, and coriander.

  • Brahma

    Fresh fish fillet with sautéed vegetable sauce, ginger, garlic, coconut milk and lemon juice. With while rice and bananas in temptation.

  • Viking fall

    Fresh salmon fillet, mustard sauce, caramelized onions, green asparagus and rustic potatoes.

• Sea •

  • The Holy Trinity

    Minced fish with tomato, onions and garlic, prawns, black bean rice, temptation plantains and green salad.

  • Prince Siddharta Rice

    Thai style sautéed rice with vegetables, shellfish and shrimps, soy sauce and sesame oil. Served with plantains fritters.

  • Mariner Choir

    An exquisite seafood casserole with coconut milk and aromatic coriander. Served with coconut rice.

  • Langostinos Vishnú

    Fresh prawns marinated in line and achiote with a sauce made of sautéed vegetables, ginger, garlic, coconut milk and lime juice.

• Beef •

  • Obatalá

    Strewed in his juices tri-tip, rice, temptation plantains, tomato salad.

  • Fine Herbs Beef Tenderloin

    Sous - vide beef tenderloin, fresh herbs sauce, mushroom risotto.

  • Sacred Beef

    Sous - vide beef tenderloin wrapped in bacon, blue cheese sauce and rustic potatoes.

• Poultry •

  • Santo Toribio Chicken

    Chicken confit with spiced tamarind sauce and creamy rice with mushrooms.

  • Angeles Of Heaven

    Duck leg confit, uchuvas glaze sauce served with creamy rice green asparagus.

• Rabbit •

  • A Cardinal’s Livers

    Sous vide boneless rabbit roll served with tarragon sauce and wood-fired vegetables.

• Pork •

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