Pilgrim’s Cravings

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  • Secret of the Priest

    Cold mango ceviche with our home made ketchup.

  • The Harvest of the Nymphs

    Mixed wood-fired vegetables.

  • The Caliph’s Desire

    Eggplants in tomatoes sauce, olive oil and olives.

  • The Missionary’s Request

    Avocado salad with marinated tomatoes and olives.

  • Gluttony of the Monastery

    Mini kebbabs of local mozarella cheese (momposino), smoked red bell peppers and olives.

  • Blessing of the Nun

    Marinated tomatoes and home made local cheese (momposino)

  • The Nun´s Handkerchief

    Camembert cheese and sesame seeds with white wine and gooseberries sauce.

  • Whim of Olaf

    Salmon ceviche with mustard, fresh herbs and citrics.

  • The Altar boy ´s Slip

    Chunks of fried and crispy.

  • Pagan Rebellion

    Mashed of green plantains with sour cream, olive oil and chunks of crispy fish fried.

  • Temptation of the Bishop

    Classic shrimp cocktail with our home bell pepper ketchup, lime juice, red onions and a touch of hot sauce.

  • The Commitment of Pacha Mama

    Mixed octopus, shrimp and calamari ceviche with fried chucks of ripe plantains.

  • Council of the Gods

    Octopus pickle

  • Whim of Poseidon

    Octopus pickle.

  • Habemus Carpaccio

    Calamari carpaccio with pico de gallo.

  • Caprice of the Angel

    Prawns with tomatoes, chutney and jalapeño (4 units)

  • Sacrilege

    A mix of local fritters.

  • San Martin de Porres “The Craving”

    Crispy plantains with pulled beef.

  • Bulk of the friar

    Pork sous vide, mamey fruit and balsamic reduction.

  • Feast of the Templar

    Classic beef bourgignon

  • Celebration of Gnomes

    Sauteed chicken, livers with gravy and sherry.

• For those who do not let themselves be tempted •

  • Orchard of the Cardinal

    Mixed lettuce, thin chicken or salmon (you choose) croutons, tomatoes, olives and citrus alioli.

  • Changó

    Fish stew with coconut milk, coriander and mandioca.

"We are a family of consecrated creators, inspired by captivating the most demanding palates."


Pierre Gabant