• Cold Appetizzers •

  • The Cardinal’s Garden

    Mixed lettuce, fine herbs chicken, croutons, tomatoes, olives, lemon, aioli.

  • Melchor, Gaspar y Baltazar

    Fresh fish tartare with avocado and leeks.

  • Theangel’s Song

    Fresh fish ceviche with coconut and pineapple “leche de tigre”, red onion, mango and kiwi.

  • Capricho De Olaf

    Salmon ceviche with mustard, fresh herbs and critics.

  • Habemus Carpaccio

    Octopus carpaccio with pico de gallo.

  • The Monks Cravings

    Beef tenderloin tartare with balsamic vinegar reduction and strawberries.

• Hot Appetizers •

  • Changó

    Fish stew with coconut milk, coriander and mandioca.

  • Monk Potage

    Ask what soup is today.

  • Crepe Del Lama Goloso

    Crepe filled with freshly sautéed vegetables and tarragons, neapolitan sauce and olives.

  • The Parishioner´S Offer

    Sous-vide octopus, hogao, chorizo, crostini.

  • Sol Calamari Invictus

    Fried calamari.

  • Sacrilege

    A mix of local fritters: carimañolas, corn buñuelito, bean buñuelito.

  • The Nun´S Handkerchief

    Camembert cheese, sesame seeds with white wine and gooseberries sauce.

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Pierre Gabant